The Verkada Logo consists of two elements — the Symbol and the Wordmark — that work together to form the primary visual expression of our brand. Its purity and simplicity complement our dynamic, sophisticated graphic language.


Sleek and accessible, our Symbol — a bold, stylized “V” — represents Verkada’s seamless integration of hardware and software.


Our Wordmark has been carefully crafted to work in perfect harmony with the Verkada Symbol. The letterforms of the Wordmark have been thoughtfully typeset and scaled for optimal balance and complement the forms of the Symbol. A thoughtfulness and precision of craft results in a logo that is both legible and sophisticated.

Logo Configurations

Two logo configurations have been createdfor use in print and digital applications.

Preferred (Horizontal) Logo

The preferred configuration features the symbol staged next to the wordmark, which is scaled for optimal brand impact. This horizontal configuration should be used whenever possible.

Alternate (Vertical) Logo

The alternate configuration may be used only in situations where space limitations don’t allow for use of the preferred logo. It is important to always use the artwork as provided. Never modify the logos.

Logo Clear Space

Clear space is the area surrounding the entire logo. It must be kept free of any visual elements, including text, graphics, borders, patterns and other logos.

Preferred (Horizontal) Logo

Clear space is measured in relation to “X,” which equals the x-height of the wordmark.

Alternate (Vertical) Logo

Clear space is measured in relation to “X,” which equals the x-height of the wordmark.

Logo Color Variations

The Verkada Logo is available in two color variations — Black and Reverse. The Black variation of the logo is the primary expression of our brand. However, because black is used so often in our identity system as a background color, the Reverse variation is also widely used. Both logo variations are available in RGB, CMYK and Pantone® spot color.

Logo Incorrect Usage

The Verkada Logo is custom drawn. Never recreate it or its elements. The examples shown to the right illustrate uses that should be avoided. The same usage rules apply to all versions of the logo. Always use the logo artwork as provided. Never modify it.

Don’t reduce the outline stroke
Don’t place logo on a background with too little contrast
Don’t add special effects
Don’t skew, Rotate, Flip, or stretch
Don’t type “Verkada” and lock it up with our logo
Don’t add unapproved patterns or image
Don’t stack multiple symbol
Don’t add color


Our Symbol is iconic in its bold simplicity. At first glance, the Symbol represents the “V” letterform from the Verkada logo, but our Symbol is also imbued with deeper meaning. The two components signify our integration of protection hardware and software.

In special circumstances, the symbol may be used as a stand–alone graphic for optimal impact. However, the complete Verkada identity must also be used somewhere within the same layout for reference.

Symbol Clear Space

Clear space is the area surrounding the entire symbol. It must be kept free of any visual elements, including text, graphics, borders, patterns and other logos. Clear space is measured in relation to “X,” which equals the height of the symbol.

Minimum clear space should be equal to or greater than 1/2X on all four sides of the symbol.


Brand Colors

The Verkada Color Palette is primarily neutral. White and blue are featured prominently throughout for a sophisticated, premium, technical aesthetic and is supported by a range of shades. To achieve a balanced, visually harmonious layout, use the Verkada Color Palette according to the ratios shown on this page. Always lead with white. Light grays may also be used as backgrounds to create balance.

Color Usage

  • Signature Neutrals off–white


  • Core Colors 400


  • Core Colors 600


Accent colors are used in vast number of instances with varying needs.

  • Core Colors 500


  • Green 400


  • Yellow 400


  • Yellow 600


  • Red 500


  • Red 700


  • Red 800


  • Purple 400


Color Value Type

  • Signature Neutrals off–white


  • Signature Neutrals 10


  • Signature Neutrals 25


  • Signature Neutrals 50


  • Signature Neutrals 75


  • Signature Neutrals 100


  • Signature Neutrals 200


  • Signature Neutrals 300


  • Signature Neutrals 400


  • Signature Neutrals 500


  • Signature Neutrals 600


  • Signature Neutrals 700


  • Signature Neutrals 800


  • Signature Neutrals 900


  • Signature Neutrals off–black


  • Core Colors off–white


  • Core Colors 10


  • Core Colors 25


  • Core Colors 50


  • Core Colors 75


  • Core Colors 100


  • Core Colors 200


  • Core Colors 300


  • Core Colors 400


  • Core Colors 500


  • Core Colors 600


  • Core Colors 700


  • Core Colors 800


  • Core Colors 900


  • Core Colors off–black


Color incorrect usage

Verkada’s brand tone is light and bright. Use dark backgrounds only when necessary. Contrast is important when placing element of text on top of another subject.

Don’t use two tones that are close to each other
Don’t use accent color as primary color


TT Norms Pro is a clean and geometric sans serif typeface that is equipped with many stylistic alternatives and extended features. It comes in 11 weights from Thin to ExtraBlack and matching italics.

Primary Typeface

TT Norms Pro

TT Norms Pro is Verkada’s primary typeface. It should be used for titles, headers, body copy and captions.

Alternate Typeface


Poppins is Verkada’s alternate typeface, which can be used when the primary typeface is not available.

Type Usage

Our typographic style is clean, simple and sophisticated, with a technical look and feel. A range of type weights brings flexibility and unity to our digital and printed communications. Information hierarchy is established across different levels of information through contrasting sizes, weights and colors, creating a look that’s eye–catching and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Digital AD Header


    Line Height:55pt
  • Digital AD Eyebrow


  • Digital AD CTA


  • Document Main Title/Header

    (Letter size)

    Line Height:20pt
  • Document Section Title

    (Letter size)

  • Document Body

    (Letter size)

    Line Height:12pt
  • Document Body Title

    (Letter size)



As visual symbols, Verkada icons represent ideas, objects or actions. They can communicate messages at a glance, afford interactivity and draw attention to important information.

General Icons

The square grid is the underlying fabric of all Verkada icons and is used as the foundation to determine line thickness, proportion, shape and positioning across the entire set of icons.

The grid helps guide design decisions, which helps ensure a unified approach. More importantly, it allows flexibility in creating the appropriate shape needed to communicate the right idea.

  • Camera

  • Access Control

  • Air Quality Sensors

  • Alarm

  • Verkada Guest

  • Mailroom

  • Door Controller

  • Alarm Panel

  • All-in-one Command

  • Auto Update Access Control

  • Solid State Drive

  • PoE Access Control

  • SV20 Tamper

  • Install Cameras

  • Add Device

  • Panic Pair Camera

  • Camera Integration

  • Easy Connection

  • Face blur

  • Person of Interest

  • Appearance Search

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Door Access Via Mobile

  • Remote Arming